Cannabis As A Performance Enhancer

Did you know, Cannabis is considered as a best anxiety remover? Yes, you read that absolutely right. Now a days anxiety and stress are the most considerable issues in the lives of youngsters. This fact holds true not only when we talk about office employees and hardworking people but anxiety issues are very common, so, can also be witnessed in TV stars, famous personalities, celebrities and sports

Cannabis as a performance enhancer

Talk about short runner or marathoners, athletes undergo very hard training and mental issues come complimentary in their ways. Do or die situation happens to be their shadow, it follows them wherever they go. And without a doubt, they need to give their best in every shot. Cannabis then works as medicinal marijuana and comes to their rescue as it has been found to be the best performance booster. A recent survey done amongst sports persons and physically active people in Toronto concluded that cannabis helps them in not just reducing anxiety to great levels but boost their concentration in the game. Athletes also make use of cannabis or green weed to reduce muscle pain and other chronic body pains that they have to overcome after playing for long hours.

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So what we understand here is this – cannabis as performance enhancers basically can be put down in two categories: performance boosters that enhance athlete ability in training, and second one – recovery helpers that work as healers after training. Marijuana stands tall between the opposite corners of spectrum. The ultimate effect mostly depends on the type of strain, or the breed of plant.

Many of sportsmen who fall in the category of athletes, climber, cyclists, and skiers and so on, also tell benefits of having cannabis. Cannabis is an effective tool for their training; it helps to increase tremendous activities. Athlete use Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) for increasing performance. Everyday athletes do a lot of hard work out and have to face muscle stiffness. Later this pain might turn into injuries and chronic pain. This pain affects athlete’s career and smooth running of their daily lives.

As a 25-year- old ultra marathoner athlete, Avery Collins talks about advantages of having cannabis and how edibles cannabis helped him give tough competition to others and complete well in 30 ultra marathons. Collins says that after having edible cannabis it was an adorable experience for him, which he terms as quite perfect. Collins is a multi-length runner, he also says that cannabis does not only increase performance but improved his experience with multiple races ranges from 31 to 100 miles.

A lot of athletes reportedly have cannabis as their pre and post running medicine because it is the best fatigue remover, as well as a pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory medication.

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Sativa dominant strains work as mild stimulants. They lead to uplifting of an athlete and adds high energy to him / her that’s a perfect pre-workout supplement. On the other hand, Indica dominant strains work completely in other direction – the result is way more sedating and relaxing for the user, making it suited well for the muscle and pain recovery. Coming to Hybrid strains, they offer combination of both the extreme worlds, although either strain is quite dominant than the other.

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