THC Pills


They have an effect on brain areas that influence pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, and sensory and time perception. The two products that go on to cover the various features to provide you best restrain in the form of THC pills are NU THC PHOENIX TEARS CAPSULES and NU 1:1 THC/CBD PHOENIX TEARS CAPSULES.

The main chemical that has a high effect on the functioning of the brain is THC chemical. The similarity in the structure of the chemical with brain chemical anandamide allows it to play tricks with our brain and alter communication. The chemical name cannabinoids are responsible for open my messages to Nerve cells throughout the nervous system.

Let’s look over the other benefits:

Increasing appetite

The studies have shown that cannabinoids that have THC present in them are beneficial for increasing the food craving among various individuals. In fact, a study was conducted among cancer patients taking THC had a better sense of taste and slept more comfortably than the group that was deprived of such dosage.It works by stimulating natural endogenous substances present in our body and thus stimulates the eating behavior.

Controlling nausea and vomiting

It is a proven method that nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy can be controlled to some extent using cannabinoids. It has also been reported in some researches that synthetic cannabinoids are more effective than active placebo at reducing vomiting and nausea. Even the side effects associated with these drugs is far more limited as compared to active placebo.

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Pain relief

At a certain point, the cannabis can definitely work as pain reliefs if taken with a concentration of 9.4% THC. A survey was conducted among adults which demonstrated that 4 potencies (0%, 2.5%, 6%, or 9.4%) if smoked three times a day is highly effective in improving sleep and controlling pain receptors in the body. It is highly ecommended to the patients that are going through peripheral neuropathy to reduce pain and provide soothing effect with controlled smoking of marijuana.

Controlling muscle tension and spasm

The study was conducted with consumers of oral derivatives or marijuana in which the patients with multiple sclerosis reported improvements in spasticity and pain. The marijuana that is rich in CBD content is most widely used in the treatment.With the usage of cannabis, the muscle stiffness improved by almost twofold in patients with MS as compared to those using a placebo.


It is the name of neurological disorder with episodic seizures that has affected many people in America.It has shown that the patients who are unresponsive towards to any other treatment are responsive in controlling seizures with the THC. Currently, there is only one research regarding this to show the effectiveness of marijuana with the treatment of epilepsy.

With all these qualities and health benefits, they have a lot more qualities that can set the users in the zone of vivid high. Thus, keeping the mind relaxed and away from various other tensions that keep logging in the head.

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