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3 reviews for PURE PULLS 1000MG THC C02 OIL PEN KIT

  1. Ethan

    Love the product, for daily users like myself, everything seemed to be working great. Having said that, since I started using this product, I have ordered 3 times from this website. Super fast delivery. Thanks Greens Express Delivery

  2. robertssophia663@gmail.com

    I don’t think life can get any better. just had the awesome experience. Everyone should give this product a try its really worth it.

  3. John Sophire

    I have tried out marijuana edibles from all around the country but there is nothing like pure pulls. I initially paid close attention to the dosage as well as the brand but some really disappointed me but the products at green express delivery are really worth the try and they pay attention to the quality of high and the ” foodstuff”. Don’t miss them out at any cost they are just one heck of a product.

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