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3 reviews for PURE PULLS 500MG THC C02 OIL PEN KIT

  1. Logan

    Greens express have got variety of good products. Also, I must add, Quality product. Easy to use and discreet. Talking about this kit in particlular, Not only is this potent, but the taste is so unbelievable. Highly recommended.

  2. devankpackaging@gmail.com

    Great experience I am thrilled with the delivery and quality of these.

  3. webaiontechnologies@gmail.com

    Pure Pulls is really good, I have only taken 20mg of this and I am already amazed at its impacts. The taste is also very good and I feel you should try out different flavors. Excellent quality and timely delivery by green express delivery. The products by greens express deserve a chance, after all, it is about the tasty gummy.

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